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Advancing practice-oriented ethics in the digital age

In recent decades, digital transformation has fundamentally altered how humans interact, how companies conduct business, and how governments work. More recently, data-driven applications and algorithmic processes have created unprecedented opportunities for citizens, companies and governments around the world, pertaining to the fields of automated data processing and automated decision-making procedures. These applications have great potential to increase innovation and productivity, and to further the welfare of individuals and societies.

However, such data-driven applications and algorithmic processes also present potential risks. Despite the best intentions, they have the capacity to cause unintentional harm and may affect human rights, individual autonomy, competitive market order, financial stability, democratic processes, and national sovereignty. In addition, they can increase inequality and shift control away from humans to algorithms. The deep transformation of our societies triggered by these applications has the potential to undermine trust between citizens, companies, and governments.

Thus, building trust in digital infrastructure and strengthen responsibility for individuals and organizations will be the foundation for societal innovation in the next decade of digital transformation.

To this end, the SDI works on concrete projects to put into practice ethical standards in the digital age.

Our Projects

Digital Trust Label


We are working on developing the first Digital Trust Label that denotes the trustworthiness of a digital service in clear, visual and plain, non-technical language for everyone to understand. With the Label, consumers can be assured of the trustworthiness of the digital service they consume.

Find out more on our dedicated project page.

Digital Trust Whitepaper


In our Digital Trust Whitepaper we outline our understanding of trust, our learnings through the development of the Digital Trust Label and we present the Digital Trust Framework.

Read the Whitepaper here.

Digital Trust from the User’s Perspective

Digital Trust is a cornerstone of a successful digital transformation. Even great technologies and good legislation may fall short if trust is not guaranteed. That is why the Swiss Digital Initiative (SDI) made the issue of Digital Trust a priority for its work. To assess the Swiss population’s mindset regarding trust in the digital world, a qualitative study was carried out in. November 2019.

Read the study here.

Digital Trust Ecosystem

Having started our work already in 2019, we have closely followed developments in the field of digital trust.

To foster collaboration among like-minded initiatives, we have compiled a comprehensive report on the digital trust ecosystem that takes a closer look at 12 of the most relevant initiatives and analyzed success factors as well as similarities and differences compared to the Swiss Digital Trust Label.

Find out more on our work on the Digital Trust Ecosystem here.

Trendmap of the Digital Economy and Society developed by W.I.R.E


In a trend map developed for SDI, the independent think tank W.I.R.E. identified strategic areas of action for decision-makers to foster trust and responsibility. In the next decade, we will face more individual empowerment, increased convenience, new communities, and higher security, but we also have to prepare for data-driven intransparencies, algorithmic discrimination, loss of control, and the erosion of privacy. Based on these findings, SDI aims to explore new projects and measures in the future.

Our Publications

For an overview of all our publications, see here.