A Call for Multilateral Cooperation in the Digital Age

Sarah Gädig • March 2021

Our president, Doris Leuthard, spoke at the International Congress for the Governance of AI event and our Managing Director, Niniane Paeffgen, at the Tracing #ArtificialIntelligence event of the NYU. Here you find a summary on the key statements.

On Tuesday, 23rd of March, SDI President Doris Leuthard spoke at the International Congress for the Governance of AI (ICGAI).

Her key messages:

  • The complexity of solving AI Governance and that “far more voices need to get to the table” as the best results can only be achieved together.
  • She further stated that the Digital Trust Label has the potential to lead towards more governance and transparency which are two crucial elements in the digital realm.

Leuthard left with a strong statement that it is now the time to create the new digital architecture of the 21st century and that we must begin somewhere in order to further work our way through and improve. To quote Leuthard, by saying “*Let’s begin!*” we are pushing the work for the first, globally leading digital trust label to make the first step and gradually take it from there. No perfect answers to the most complex solutions can be found overnight. Those answers need to be developed and pivoted over time via an inclusive approach by bringing a diverse group of people to the table and this is what we are aiming for at the SDI. Find more information about the event here.

Tracing Artificial Intelligence in Our Everyday Lives

SDI was also part of an event series called “AI Here and There: Transatlantic Dialogues on Artificial Intelligence, Society and Innovation” that was organized by the Swiss Consulate General in New York in collaboration with the Center for Responsible AI | NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

In a 1 hour conversation, our Director Niniane Paeffgen talked about “AI in our everyday lives”. Her key points:

  1. Building trust and strengthening responsibility for individuals and organisations will be the foundation for societal innovation in the next decade of digital transformation.

  2. At the Swiss Digital Initiative we have chosen a pragmatic approach to the complex challenge of bringing digital ethics into practice:

    Our first flagship project is the creation of a Digital Trust Label, which is a co-creation process together with civil society actors, public and private organisations, as well as experts in the various domains.

  3. Digital literacy and continuous learning are not just nice to have, but are becoming an urgency. what’s needed is a combination of a broad digital literacy, lifelong learning and education effort, an active outreach to citizens, more transparency and information for the users of digital services and very importantly: A shift of mindset and culture.

    You can watch the full event here.