SDI • December 2021

Please find all of our publications below:

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2020

Publications on the Digital Trust Label

Second Public Consultation Report - June 2021

This report summarizes the key feedback on the Label catalogue received during the second public consultation.

Report on Global Initiatives Mapping - May 2021

This report maps the global digital trust ecosystem and takes an in-depth view at a number of like-minded initiatives. It also contains a summary of challenges and learnings when creating labels and certifications for digital trust.

Label Catalogue Criteria - Draft Version - April 2021

Draft version of the Label catalogue.

Recommendations of the Label Expert Committee - Executive Summary - December 2020

Recommendations of the Label Expert Committee - Full Version - December 2020

The SDI Board mandated the Experts Committee to make recommendations on the SDTL. To this end, this document describes the resulting recommendations, together with the detailed consultations approach and various opinions and arguments. The reader can directly jump to the section of his/her interest in this report without having to read the sections sequentially.

Report on Test Partners Mock Audits - December 2020

This report shows the results of the mock audits conducted with our Test Partners.

Report on the Co-Development Process - October 2020

This report summarizes the key feedback received during the first public consultation and outlines the co-development process.

Thematic Reports

Landscape of the Digital Economy and Society - January 2021

In a trend map developed for SDI, the independent think tank W.I.R.E. identified strategic areas of action for decision-makers to foster trust and responsibility.

Study on Digital Trust From The User’s Perspective - November 2019