What does your face say about you?

Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword of the last few years. Its effect on our everyday life is not yet fully recognizable. However, you can be sure AI has found its way into your life. You just don’t know it yet.

  • If you select a movie on Netflix, you can be certain that an AI algorithm influenced your choice.
  • If you  apply for a job via an online application form, you can be  certain that part of the selection is made by an AI algorithm.
  • If you request a new credit card, you can be certain your application is checked by an AI algorithm.

It’s time to become aware!

It’s time that you make yourself aware of these AI algorithms influencing your decisions or making automated decisions for you.

It is time that you become a conscious citizen in the digital world, where you know where incentives lie and how you can demand transparency.

Not convinced yet? Let yourself be surprised by Artificial Intelligence


This interactive art experience was created by students of Master Media Design program at HEAD – Genève in partnership with the Swiss Digital Initiative. Art is a potent tool to build awareness about ethical questions raised by digital technologies. The often abstract and complex subject matter can be made more tangible and lead to concrete experiences that make people think about the digital services surrounding us.

Open the experience and through your webcam an algorithm will create a profile about you and show you targeted advertising corresponding to your profile.

Try ADface now!
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What you can do

With this project, SDI hopes to contribute to a broad and sustained debate about digital trust. Starting with empowering everyone with the tools to become a conscious citizen of the digital world.

  1. First, be curious!
    As a consumer, it is important to stay curious and try to understand what is happening behind the scenes. Next time you use a digital service, actually try to read the terms & conditions and the privacy policy. Before clicking on any options in dialogs, think about them. Check out our Digital Trust Label for some food for thought..
  2. Second, find help!
    Feeling overwhelmed and lost? No need to worry as there are many organisations around the globe from digital civil society providing additional background and practical tips, from Guidelines from regulators to NGOs fighting for your digital rights. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of things.
  3. Third, get empowered!
    By educating yourself and others you can become an empowered user of digital services with informed decision-making. There are great resources out there available for free, e.g. Elements of AI

Make your company a digital trust champion and go the extra mile - but where to start? We help you.

  1. First, be transparent!
    Transparency towards your customers will not only set you apart from your competition but also help you gain and retain customers. Pay attention to not overwhelm them with complicated information but keep it simple and relevant. With the Digital Trust Label, we hope to offer some inspiration for what a clear commitment to digital responsibility could look like.
  2. Second, be responsible!
    Behaving responsibly and thinking about the impact of your products on society also applies to the digital realm. Unfortunately, many companies are not yet taking this issue seriously as a recent study revealed. This is why the Swiss Digital Initiative is currently undertaking a research project together with IMD Lausanne to collect case studies and derive best practices for Corporate Digital Responsibility, thereby facilitating the adoption of CDR principles in practice.
  3. Third, be collaborative!
    No single entity can guarantee digital trust, instead all stakeholders from the private sector to civil society need to come together to ensure AI and other digital technologies are used responsibly and issues of AI ethics are seriously considered. SDI has already organised workshops on AI ethics, including bringing concerned customers and representatives from the private sector together. An openness from organisations to collaborate, be it with researchers, activists, or regulators, benefits all people involved by minimising the risks of misguided policies.

If you want to commit to digital responsibility and AI ethics with your company and your digital service, check out the Digital Trust Label and get in touch with us!